Tomatoes: The Fresh Summer Fruit

Tomatoes, as many foodies know, are actually a fruit. Native to South America, they were first brought to Europe by Spanish explorers in the mid 1500s. At first, western culture considered tomatoes poisonous, as they did potatoes and eggplant, because they are part of the notorious nightshade family. Thankfully, their nutritious value was common knowledge […]

For the love of Riesling

Most wine geeks like myself will gush about German Riesling if given the chance. Why? So many reasons! First and foremost German Riesling is just tasty, refreshing, and delicious even in its simplest forms. Better quality examples always over deliver for the price, with tons of complexity, focus, expression of fruit, and expression of terroir. […]

Crash Course in Clean Eating

Perhaps you’ve read about the Katy Perry and Gwyneth Paltrow fandom of raw and clean eating, or that new pop up restaurant you heard about has sparked your interest; either way this food phenomenon is gaining traction from all over and I think I must take the time to explain what it actually is, and […]