Bawk-bawk-boring? I don’t think so.

Let’s be honest, chicken can be pretty boring. There’s a reason that other meat ‘tastes like chicken’; it can be bland, generic, the blank slate of the culinary world. Any young man who’s hitting the gym, caught in the craze of celebrity buff bodies, trying to pack on the muscle with as much protein as […]

Rack Again!

Lamb, as my fellow blogger Tom mentioned during Week 6 of Provence Mediterranean Grill’s Chef’s Top Ten, is absolutely delicious, and rack of lamb in particular is the most delicious of all. I know some may argue. I know many who love a good lamb chop but I can’t be the only one who’s a […]

Bouill au bouill!

I don’t think anyone will deny that French food is darn good and that Provençal food in particular tops the gastronomic charts. There’s a reason those French folk are known for their cuisine. It’s mouth-wateringly delicious (though, on rare occasions, a little strange to us – frogs’ legs, anyone? Snails?). When you have to travel […]